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North Korea fires ballistic missile toward eastern sea: Seoul

SEOUL: North Korea fired at least one ballistic missile into its eastern sea on Wednesday as it extended a recent barrage of weapons demonstrations that included what it described as mock attacks on South Korean and US targets last week.
Seoul’s joint chiefs of staff did not immediately say what type of missile was fired or how far it flew. The launch came after North Korea fired dozens of missiles last week in an angry reaction to a massive US-South Korea combined air exercise that North Korea described as an invasion drill.
Earlier on Wednesday, the South Korean military said debris recovered from one of the North Korean missiles that flew south last week was determined to be a Soviet-era anti-aircraft weapon dating from the 1960s.
North Korea’s military said Monday that its launches last week were simulations to “mercilessly” attack key South Korean and US targets, such as air bases and operations command systems.
He said those tests included ballistic missiles loaded with scatter warheads and underground infiltration warheads intended to launch strikes against enemy air bases, surface-to-air missiles designed to “annihilate” enemy aircraft at different altitudes and distances, and strategic cruise missiles that they fell. The southeast coast of South Korea.
North Korea described those launches as a fitting response to the joint U.S.-South Korea “Storm Watcher” air force exercises involving some 240 warplanes, including B-1B supersonic bombers and fighter jets. Advanced F-35s.
Wednesday’s launch also came as votes were counted in the US midterm elections. Some experts had previously said the US election results were unlikely to change the Biden administration’s policies on North Korea.
South Korea’s Defense Ministry said on Wednesday that an analysis of a 3-meter (9.8-foot) long wreck removed on Sunday from waters near Korea’s eastern sea boundary showed it to be one of the North Korean SA-5 from surface to surface. air missiles The ministry said the Russian military used a similar missile to execute ground attacks during its invasion of Ukraine.
Photos released by the South Korean military show what appears to be a mangled rocket motor and wires sticking out of a broken rocket body that is still attached with fins.
The missile, which was one of more than 20 missiles North Korea fired last Wednesday, flew in the direction of a populated South Korean island and landed near the rivals’ tense sea border, setting off air raid sirens and forcing residents of Ulleung Island to evacuate.
South Korea’s Defense Ministry said it “strongly” condemns North Korea’s launch of the SA-5, which it sees as a violation of a 2018 inter-Korean military agreement to de-escalate tensions.
North Korea fired dozens of missiles last week, including an intercontinental ballistic missile that prompted evacuation warnings in northern Japan, in an angry reaction to a massive US-South Korea combined air drill that the North described as a invasion test.
Some experts say North Korea may have drawn on inventory of some of its older weapons to support the expanded scale of last week’s launches, which the North has described as simulated strikes against key South Korean and US targets. , such as air bases and operations command systems. .
The launches added to North Korea’s record pace in weapons tests this year as the leader. kim Jong Un exploits the distraction created by Russia’s war against Ukraine to accelerate weapons development and increase pressure on the United States and its regional allies.
“The North Koreans would like to show off their range of missile technologies through these tests, but not every launch has to reveal the latest technological advances,” he said. sooo kimsecurity analyst for the RAND Corporation, based in California.
“It may be in North Korea’s interest to keep some of its modern capabilities in reserve and test them at opportune times. Kim, again, is playing a longer game, so revealing all his cards, the different types of missiles and capabilities his country has acquired, would not work in his favor,” he said.

UN warns of worsening food crisis in Sri Lanka

COLOMBO: The United Nations warned on Tuesday of a worsening food crisis in bankrupt Sri Lanka and said the number of people in urgent need of humanitarian aid had doubled to 3.4 million.
UN agencies had estimated in June that 1.7 million of Sri Lanka’s 22 million people needed help.
UN agencies in Colombo said in a joint statement that they had raised $79 million to feed the needy, but the growing number of poor people meant they needed an additional $70 million.
“Food insecurity in Sri Lanka has increased dramatically due to two consecutive seasons of poor harvests, foreign exchange shortages and reduced household purchasing power,” the statement said.
Sri Lanka is facing its worst economic crisis since independence from Britain in 1948 and has been enduring runaway inflation, power cuts and fuel rationing since last year.
The country defaulted on its $51bn foreign debt in mid-April and is in talks with the IMF for a $2.9bn bailout.
Months of protests against high prices and shortages of food and medicine led to the ouster of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa in July.
The UN said its revised plan aims to feed 2.1 million people, including pregnant mothers and school children, and provide livelihood support for 1.5 million farmers and fishermen.
He also said the poverty rate in the South Asian nation has doubled to 25.6 percent this year, up from 13.1 percent last year.

Imran Khan’s assassination bid: Police in Pakistan’s Punjab province finally register FIR

LAHORE: Police in Pakistan’s Punjab province registered an FIR in the attempted assassination of former Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday, days after the incident, naming the assailant who was arrested as the main accused in the case.
The move comes after the Supreme Court on Monday ordered the provincial government to file an FIR on Khan’s assassination attempt within 24 hours.
The FIR named the attacker, Naveed Mohammad Basheer, as the main accused. However, it does not mention the names of Pakistani Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah, and a senior Pakistani Army officer, Maj. Gen. Faisal Naseer, three people whom Khan has accused of hatching a plot. to assassinate him.
“We are going to challenge the FIR in the high court,” said a senior leader of Khan’s Tehreek-e-Insaf of Pakistan (PTI), said Fawad Chaudhry.
The delay in registering a case in the province of Punjab, which has PTI in the lead, has drawn attention.
“I wonder if I, being the former prime minister of Pakistan, can’t get a registered FIR regarding an attack against me, what will happen to the common man,” he said. On Sunday, Khan said no FIR has been recorded in the failed “assassination attempt” on his life as authorities refuse to file the case unless he removes the name of an Army general from the complaint.
Punjab Police said they registered the FIR under the direction of the Supreme Court and named the suspect, Naveed, under Section 7 of the Anti-Terror Law and Section 302, 324 and 440 of the Pakistan Penal Code.
Police said they caught Basheer from the crime scene after he confessed to his crime. In a confessional video, Basheer said he attacked Khan because he was “misleading the public.”
Khan, 70, suffered gunshot wounds to his right leg on Thursday when two gunmen fired a volley of bullets at him and others traveling in a container truck in the Wazirabad area of ​​Punjab province, where he was heading. a protest march against Shehbaz. Sharif’s government.
“I was hit by 4 bullets,” Khan said in his address to the nation from a hospital in Lahore on November 4, a day after he was shot during a rally in Punjab province.
He underwent surgery for the gunshot wounds at Shaukat Khanum Hospital, owned by his charity.
The former cricketer-turned-politician, who underwent surgery, was released from hospital on Sunday and transferred to his private residence in the city, hospital officials said.
Khan’s march to the federal capital, demanding new elections, was called off after last week’s shooting.
PTI senior leader Faisal Javed Khan said the march will resume on November 10 from Wazirabad.
Khan, ousted from power in a parliamentary no-confidence motion in April, says he will not join while he recovers from his injuries.
The federal government led by Shehbaz Sharif has rejected Khan’s demand for new elections, scheduled for August next year.
The political turmoil in Pakistan comes as it reels from the economic crisis and the effects of devastating floods.

Saudi Arabia commits $2.5 billion to Middle East green initiative: Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman

SHARM EL SHEIKH: Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Muhammad bin Salman he said on Monday that the kingdom would contribute $2.5 billion to a green initiative in the Middle East over the next 10 years and host its headquarters.
the Middle East Green Initiative was launched by Heir Prince last year as part of efforts to reduce regional carbon emissions.
Saudi Arabia had said last year that it aimed to contribute 15% of the $10.4 billion needed for the fund’s clean energy projects.
The crown prince, known as MBShe also said the kingdom’s Public Investment Fund would aim for net-zero emissions by 2050.
The Middle East Green Initiative aims to reduce carbon emissions from regional hydrocarbon production by more than 60%.
It also plans to plant 50 billion trees in the Middle East and restore an area equivalent to 200 million hectares of degraded land. The initiative will help reduce global carbon levels by 2.5%.
Saudi Arabia plans to rely on renewables for 50% of its electricity generation by 2030, the prince said, eliminating 44 million tonnes of carbon emissions by 2035.

Pakistan’s former foreign minister Qureshi to lead march until Imran Khan recovers

LAHORE: Former Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi has said he will lead the march to Islamabad until Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party chief Imran Khan fully recovers from injuries sustained during an assassination attempt.
Khan, who suffered gunshot wounds to his right leg on Thursday, said Sunday that his party will resume Tuesday’s march to Islamabad from the same place where he survived an assassination attempt.
He has been released from the hospital on Sunday after undergoing successful surgery. He now he has been transferred to a private residence in Lahore.
Qureshi told a large public gathering at Clock Tower Chowk in Faisalabad on Sunday that Khan had asked him to lead the march in his place. He said that even if he is not fully recovered, Khan will take part in the long march in Rawalpindi, the Dawn newspaper reported.
He said that the people of Faisalabad and the whole country demand that Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and Federal Home Minister Rana Sanaullah Khan resign as they are the real planners of the attack on Khan in Wazirabad.
Khan suffered gunshot wounds to his right leg when two gunmen fired a volley of bullets at him and others traveling in a container truck in the Wazirabad area where he was leading the march.
The 70-year-old former prime minister and PTI party chairman, who underwent surgery for gunshot wounds on Thursday, was on his way to a news conference from Shaukat Khanum Hospital, owned by his charity.
“We have decided that our march will resume on Tuesday from the same (point) in Wazirabad where I and 11 others were shot, and where Moazzam was killed,” Khan said before being released from hospital. He later he came to his residence from Zaman Park here.

Bus bomb kills 1, wounds 10 others in southern Philippines

COTABATO: A homemade bomb exploded on a bus killing one passenger and wounding 10 others in a southern Philippine city on Sunday in an attack authorities suspect may be part of an extortion attempt, officials said.
The bus with an unspecified number of passengers was approaching a transport terminal in Tacurong City in Sultan Kudarat province when the bomb exploded in the back of the vehicle shortly before noon, police said.
Investigators were trying to determine whether the attackers belonged to the same armed group that had carried out similar bombings in recent years to extort money from yellow bus lineoperating in key southern cities, military and police officials said.
Regional Army Commander Major General roy gallido He said the bus company “has been constantly receiving extortion messages.” The military and police have been working with bus owners to catch the extortionists, who may have been angered by the bus company’s refusal to pay. galido said.
The police have blamed the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fightersa small rebel force that has aligned itself with the Islamic State group, for similar bus bombings in the past.
The group broke away years ago from the Moro Islamic Liberation Front when the latter entered peace talks with the government and accepted an offer of Muslim autonomy in a five-province region in the south of the largely Roman Catholic nation.

At least six killed in Syria’s shelling of tent settlement

IDLIB: Syrian government forces shelled a tented settlement housing families displaced by the country’s conflict in the rebel-held northwest early Sunday, killing at least six people and wounding more than a dozen, opposition war monitors said. The bombing is the latest violation of a truce reached between Russia and Turkey in March 2020 that ended a Russian-backed government offensive in idlib province that is the last major rebel stronghold in Syria.
The truce has been repeatedly violated in the last two years killing and injuring dozens of people.
The tented settlement, known as the Maram camp, is just northwest of the provincial capital of Idlib.
based in Great Britain Syrian Observatory for Human RightsAn opposition war monitor reported that government forces fired around 30 rockets towards rebel-held areas, including the Maram camp on Sunday morning, killing six and wounding 15. He said that among the dead were two children and a woman.
Other opposition activists also reported that six people were killed and more than 30 wounded.
The pro-government Fake FM The radio station said Syrian government forces shelled positions of the Al Qaeda-linked Hayat Tahrir al-Sham group, the most powerful militant group in Idlib. He said Syrian and Russian warplanes also attacked the areas.
Syria’s conflict erupted in March 2011 and has since killed hundreds of thousands of people, displaced half of the country’s pre-war population of 23 million and left much of Syria destroyed.

UK PM Sunak moves back to smaller flat above 10 Downing Street usually kept for chancellor of exchequer

LONDON: Rishi Sunak on Saturday gave insight into how his Indian wife Akshata Murty and daughters Krishna and Anoushka settle in life at 10 Down street little more than a week after he took office as British Prime Minister.
The Indian-born former chancellor overturned the norm by moving back to the smaller flat above 10 Downing Street, which is usually used as the home of the Chancellor of the Exchequer.
In an interview with ‘The Times’, he revealed that Chancellor Jeremy Hunt will use the larger flat above 11 Downing Street as he would appreciate the extra space with three children and also because his daughters loved their old house in the famous street. when he was Minister of Finance.
“We thought it would be good for him [Hunt] have that little bit of extra space, so I thought it was the right thing to do,” Sunak told the newspaper.
“But also, that was our home for two and a half years. It’s good for us to go back to where we used to be, the kids know that, the kids love it. It was the Nova home [Sunak family labrador] came to mind when we picked her up as a family,” she said.
“Everyone is very excited. I met Jeremy’s children last week. My daughters are excited because they know they have a Labrador like us. There are many children, many dogs,” she said.
The first British Indian headline at the famous address also shared the moment he heard about his predecessor. liz truss‘ accelerated exit after a disastrous mini-budget.
He was having lunch with his daughters at TGI Friday’s on Teesside in the North England when the announcement came and he decided to take the plunge after a call with his wife Akshata.
“I needed to talk to her about it. In a sense, I had moved on, I was thinking about what was next for me. I was getting stuck on it,” Sunak told the newspaper.
“I’m a big believer in public service. That’s why I wanted to do the job over the summer. I thought he was the best person to lead our country through what we all recognize will be tough times. Given what’s happened [with Truss’s premiership]I felt the same,” he said.
At 42, Sunak is the youngest British prime minister in 200 years and takes pride in being the first Hindu to hold the state’s highest office, with a statue of Ganesha adorning his desk.
“As chancellor, I was able to light my Diwali diyas on the steps of Downing Street. It said something wonderful about our country that that was possible, but also that it was no big deal. It was in a way my gosh this is great, but also that it’s just Britain. That’s what you’d expect from Britain. Hopefully it’s a source of collective pride across the country.”
With one of the most daunting inboxes of any new Prime Minister in front of him given soaring inflation and a turbulent economy, Sunak made a note of warning that the government would not be able to fix all the problems even as it pledged to restore confidence. in the ruling party.
“I fully recognize that trust has been damaged in recent weeks and months. I realize trust is not given, trust is earned. My job is to win back people’s trust. That’s what I’m going to do.” , said. she said.
“You have to make sure that while you do things, you do it in a fair and honest way with the people that, of course, no government can solve all the problems,” he added.

इस तरह बकरियों को मिलेगा कर्ज, होगी बड़ी आमदनी, सरकार भी करेगी मदद


Cabra agriculture loan 2022: इस तरह बकरियों मिलेगा कर्ज, होगी बड़ी आमदनी, सरकार करेगी मदद बकरी पालन ऋण 2022: बकरी प ऋण ऋण यह व सकत सकत सकत सकत सकत यवस यवस यवस यवस यवस यवस यवस है।।

बकरी पालन ऋण 2022: हमारे देश में बकरी पालन (agricultural loan) का तेजी बढ़ बढ़ रह रह है ।।।।। लोगों के बीच प Follow बकरी के दूध (इसके गुणों गुणों कारण) और के मांस की बढ़ती म me बकरी के लिए लोन भी आसानी से लिया जा सकता सकता है, जिसकी मदद इस बिजनेस बिजनेस को शुरू किया जा सकता ।। ।। ।। ।। ।। ।। ।। ।। ।।।।

जो लोग फार्म शुरू करना चाहते हैं, उनके लिए पैसे कमी एक बड़ी चुनौती ।।।।।।।।।।।।।।। व ENAS तम में, ऋण लेने का यह है कि कई बैंक पशुधन साथ-साथ के लिए ऋण प्रदान करते हैं ।।।।।।।। यह पशु मालिक को अतिरिक्त लाभ और वित्तीय सुरक्षा प्रदान है ।।।।।।। ।।।।।।। विभिन्न राज्य बैंकों और नाबार्ड के सहयोग से बकरी पालन (agricultural loan) को के लिए सब्सिडी योजनाएं प्रदान करती हैं ।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।। ।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।

बकरी पालन (agricultural loan of goat) के लिए बहुत आकर्षक दरों पर ऋण उपलब्ध कराने में नाबार bar सबसे है ।।।।।।।।।। Company name:

वाणिज्यिक बैंक
क्षेत्रीय ग्रामीण बैंक
राज्य सहकारी कृषि और ग्रामीण विकास बैंक
राज्य सहकारी बैंक
अर्बन बैंक
अन्य नाबार्ड से पुनर्वित्त के लिए पात्र हैं

इस योजना तहत बकरियों की खरीद पर खर्च होने me अनुसूचित जाति / अनुसूचित जनजाति के लोग और बीपीएल श्रेणी के लोग 33 प्रतिशत तक सब सब सब utar

सरकार लोगों की मदद करती है

बकरी पालन (agricultural loan of goat) को बढ़ावा देने के केंद्र सरकार ने ‘र पशुधन मिशन’ शुरू किया है ।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।। राष्ट्रीय पशुधन के तहत देश में पशुपालन को देने के लिए किसानों को सब hub राष्ट्रीय पशुधन में विभिन्न योजनाओं के अलग अलग-अलग सब्सिडी के साथ कई योजनाएं हैं हैं ।।।।।।। ।।।।।।। ।।।।।।। ।।।।।।। ।।।।।।। ।।।।।।। ।।।।।।। ।।।।।।। ।।।।।।। ।।।।।।। ।।।।।।। ।।।।।।। ।।।।।।। ।।।।।।। ।।।।।।। ।।।।।।। ।।।।।।। ।।।।।।। ।।।।।।। ।।।।।।। ।।।।।।। ।।।।।।। ।।।।।।। ।।।।।।। ।।।।।।। ।।।।।।। राष्ट् Progiar

इस तरह आप बकरियां पालना शुरू कर सकते हैं

यदि आप बकरी पालन (agricultural loan of goat) में अपना बनाना चाहते हैं कुछ कुछ का ध्यान रखना चाहिए।। बकरी पालन (agricultural loan of goat) व्यवसाय शुरू करने लिए कोई भी व्यक्ति आवेदन पत्र विकास खंड के पशु अधिकारी को जमा का का सकता है ।। ।। ।। ।। ।। ।। ।। ।। ।। ।। ।। ।। ।। ।। ।। ।। ।। ।। ।। पशु चिकित्सा अधिकारी यह go on. इन आवेदनों अब जिला स्तरीय जिला पशुधन मिशन समिति अग्रेषित किया जाता है।। यह समिति अंतिम चयन करती है।

बॉस बनने कि है इच्छा तो इन बिज़नेस आइडिया को अपनाएं Small Business Ideas


व्यवसायिक विचारों अपनाने के लिए लघु व्यवसाय विचार बॉस क्या है: Small business ideas अगर आप खुद का बिजनेस शुरू करना चाहते हैं तो आज कुछ ऐसे ऐसे आइडियाज के बारे बताने जा हे हैं हैं मदद आप कम बजट में में में अच अच अच

आपको इसके कुछ भी करने की आवश्यकता नहीं है, बस कुछ ऑनलाइन खोजें और किसी भी व्यवसाय के बारे में अधिक ज ज fl. आज सभी पैसों की सख्त जरूरत है और इस जरूरत को पूरा करने लिए अपना खुद का बिजनेस शुरू सकते हैं हैं हैं हैं!

? Small Business Ideas

साथ ही, अपना व्यवसाय करने से पहले, आपको कुछ अन्य का भी ध्यान रखन होगा होगा आप किसी किसी प् ηodo क क Flav काय न Va च हैं हैं हैं हैं हैं हैं हैं हैं! खरोंच से करते हुए, देखें कि आप कितनी दूर तक ले जा सकते हैं! It’s okay?

इन बातों ध्यान रखें अगर आप निवेश करते हैं आपके लिए अच्छा रहेग रहेग कि आप बढ़ें आइए ज ज कि कम बजट में आप कौन स स Faños आइए हम आपको आपको बताते हैं कुछ छोटे बिजनेस आइडिय आइडिय आइडिय आगे बढ़ो, बॉस!

1) मोबाइल की दुकान का व्यवसाय

पूरी दुनिया मोबाइल फोन का उपयोग तेजी से बढ़ रह है है यह दिखाता है कि मोबाइल बाजार क्यों! जैसा कि सभी जानते हैं कि हर साल 20 करोड़ से ज्यादा मोबाइल खरीदे जाते! यानी आप लगा सकते हैं कि एक दिन कितने मोबाइल फोन खरीदे जाते हैं!

इस प्रकार, मोबाइल फोन चाबी की दुकान खोलना आपके लिए एक बहुत ही ला TWO! बसएक छोटी सी दुकान से शुरू करो Go ahead! Redmi और Realme के साथ करना शुरू कर सकता है मोबाइल शॉप बिजनेस, क्योंकि ये बहुत है है है है है है!

2) )

अगर आपको भी क्षेत्र में लिखने और लिखने का अच्छा है! और आपको है कि लोगों को भी इसके में जानने की जरूरत है! आप उस पर अपने विचार ब्लॉग के रूप लिखना शुरू कर सकते हैं!

इतना ही सिर्फ 2 से 3 हजार में आप अपनी की वेबसाइट शुरू कर सकते हैं! और अपना का ब्लॉग व्यवसाय शुरू करें इस ब्लॉग कम समय में आसानी से $ 1,000 तक कमाएँ! Ahead! Ahead! Ahead! औरआप अच्छा पैसा कमा सकते है!

3)) सौर व्यापार

जैसे-जैसे भर में ऊर्जा की मांग बढ़ रही, वैसे-वैसे संसाधन भी बढ़ रहे हैं! इस तरह, आप Solarfield के कई सौर में अपना हाथ आज़मा सकते हैं! Ahead! Ahead!

Lumsolar जैसी भारत शीर्ष कंपनी से जुड़कर आप मात्र 1 हजार के से से कम 30 हजार से 1 लाख रुपये माह कमा सकते हैं हैं हैं हैं हैं हैं! LumSolar आपको कमाने के 3 तरीके देता है! जिसमें आप डीलर, डिस्ट्रीब others और सोलर इंस्टालर कुछ भी बनकर अपना खुद का शुरू कर सकते हैं! Join Loomsolar.com पर प्राप्त कर सकते हैं!

4)) इवेंट मैनेजर (इवेंट मैनेजमेंट बिजनेस)

Forward! जैसे शादियों, जन्मदिन और छोटे और बड़े अवसर आते हैं और हैं जिसके लिए किसी के आयोजन की आवश आवश होती है है है!

इन त्योहाisiones लेकिन कुछ लोग ऐसे होते हैं! इस नौकरी के लिए एक अच्छे इवेंट मैनेजर की ! Ahead! Ahead! Ahead!

5). ब्यूटी पार्लर व्यवसाय

छोटे व्यवसाय के विचार अगर आप अच्छे मेकअप आर्टिस्ट हैं और इसके बड़े पैमाने पर कुछ करना चाहते! Ahead! Ahead! इसके लिए किसी अच्छी जगह पर 2 से 3 महीने का ब्यूटीशियन करके इस जॉब को शुरू कर हैं!

Ahead! Ahead! वहीं अगर कड़ी मेहनत और रचनात्मक तरीके से मेहनत हैं तो कुछ नया किया जाता! इस बिजनेस आप आसानी से 30 से 50 हजार प्रति माह कमा हैं! एक ब्यूटी प Follow, व्यवसाय दूसरों को पाठ्यक्रम भी प्रदान कर सकता है!