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Being a New Yorker is more than having the correct zip code. There are also some New York-specific rituals you must complete: You must attend at least one Yankees or Mets game, if not for the crowd antics, then for the expensive beer. He must partake in a Sabrett hotdog when offered by a street vendor. And you must, absolutely must, get pierced at one of the many historic sites dotted around the island (and in some outer districts).

And while a last-minute baseball game or spontaneous hot dog is reasonable, we don’t recommend that a new piercing be an impromptu decision. Getting a new piercing requires a bit of research – you need to look for the best locations, look for trends, and most importantly, find a piercer who can perform the service safely. Lucky for you, we’ve made the search a little easier by tracking down the best piercing studios in New York, and exactly who you should book your appointment with. Our selections, forward.


Say goodbye to Claire’s.

Although most people will admit to getting a piercing on the spot at Claire’s, such a permanent (and painful) decision usually involves a fair amount of research. And with an increasing number of unorthodox piercings becoming popular through social media, it can be difficult to determine where, both anatomically and geographically, to go under the needle. In addition to the piercing itself, the choice of earrings is another decision to make: the initial jewelry must be of high quality to avoid irritation and cannot be changed until the healing process is complete.

Whether you’re looking to get your first piercing or add to a pre-existing collection, we’ve got you covered. From the luxury Maria Tash Piercing Studio to Instagram-Friendly Studs to the Ornate Downtown New York City Pillar, read on for the best places to get pierced in New York City.

108 B.K.

Location: 37 Greenpoint Avenue #106, Brooklyn, NY 11222
Run by renowned piercer J. Colby Smith (he counts Zoë Kravitz and Emma Stone among his clients), 108 BK offers a range of delicate piercings and jewelery designed by House Jeweler Schyler Gately. Fellow drillers Adrian Castillo and Josh Harris also work at the Greenpoint-based studio; In addition to their standard lobe, you’ll also find conch, rook and tragus piercings among their portfolios. Tiny studs, fine gold hoops and dainty infinity chains suit a variety of jewelry preferences and make your piercing look perfectly polished.

Mary Tash

Location: 653 Broadway, New York, NY 10012

A fixture since 1992, Maria Tash offers luxury body jewelry and a variety of piercing options including dermis, cheeks, and even genitalia. Originally called Venus Body Arts, the studio and its founder, Maria Tash, coined the term “healed ear,” referring to the coordination of multiple piercings—sometimes called “stacked lobe”—and types of jewelry for a balanced, elevated look. Tash’s extensive jewelry collection doesn’t shy away from incorporating gemstones and diamonds, so be prepared to invest.

New York decorated

Location: 269 Elizabeth Street, New York, NY 10012

Initially a tattoo and piercing studio, New York Adorned decided to focus its offerings on piercings in 2018. Now, the downtown store specializes in ear, nose and lip piercings and sells house jewelry as well as designer pieces from artists like Kristy. Sword and Margaret Cross. Most recently, the studio kicked off 2020 by opening an additional outpost in Los Angeles to cater to a broader range of piercing fans.

Nine Moons Piercing

Location: 424 Broadway, Second Floor, New York, NY 10013

Formerly known as Pure Body Arts, Nine Moons Piercing is located in a Soho loft shared with Sacred Tattoo. Three expert piercers and two jewelry stylists guide visitors, who can choose specific ear and anatomy piercings, such as navel and industrial, through the entire process. Delicate gold earrings range from simple discs to intricate gem-encrusted flowers.


Location: 12 Prince Street, New York, NY 10012

Dubbed “the Glossier of piercing studios” by Vogue, Studs aims to pioneer the realm of affordable yet high-quality piercings by offering a flat rate of $35 for one piercing or $50 for two. Jewelry is also available: prices range from $30 to $180 USD and include fun charms, gold necklaces and letter studs. Neon lights and a sculptural interior make for an Instagram-worthy moment: The store’s opening day line was reportedly out the door, and Kaia Gerber’s recent visit is sure to bring in more customers.

stone and strand

Pop-up Showroom Location: 611 Broadway, Room 604, New York, NY 10012

Stone and Strand, a jewelry brand that offers pop-ups for traveling piercings, sells directional jewelry collections and ready-to-pierce jewelry made from medical-grade titanium. Simple everyday embellishments and diamond-paved statement pieces range from affordable to high-end. Throughout 2020, New Yorkers can get pierced at Stone and Strand’s temporary showroom in Soho, as well as a separate piercing pop-up at the Freehand Hotel.

Stone and Strand Pop-Up Piercing
January 25
new york freehand
23 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY 10010

the last line

Pop-up Piercing Location: 63 Crosby Street, New York, NY 10012

Like Stone and Strand, The Last Line is a fine jewelry brand with an ever-changing schedule of emerging piercings. Until mid-February, The Last Line will offer ear piercings in a pop-up space in Soho, where shoppers will also be able to browse a range of the brand’s sparkling jewellery. Geometric, floral, and classic studs are encrusted with a range of diamonds and precious gems, including emeralds, rubies, and rainbow pavé; It goes without saying that a piercing from The Last Line is not cheap.


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